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Version 3.0.0
A challenging, retro random dungeon game
copyright 1999-2004, 2019-2020 Jeff Mather

For Windows, Linux, and Mac
Requires Java on your computer

Battle your way through the dungeon levels underneath the razed tower of the evil archmage Syrilboltus, questing for riches with which to rebuild your devastated homelands. Use the powers you acquire as you gain experience to avoid or defeat the foes you encounter along the way. With randomly generated levels, no two games are the same!

Download for Windows or Linux and Mac

To play the game, simply unzip the file to your hard drive, then run the silmar.bat file (for Windows) or the "silmar" shell script (for Linux and Mac) located in the Silmar folder.

This game is FREE, but donations to help support its development are greatly appreciated. $8 USD is suggested, but any amount helps to keep independent retro game development alive.

For a donation of $20, the author will personally modify your saved game file should you play to a point where you feel like progress is impossible due to a lack of stats, gold, items, or powers. Such a need should be rare, however, as during playtesting, only once has the author ever had to cheat.

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Version history

You can view the code for this game here, as well as the code for this game's underlying engine here. The engine is open source!

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