Version History

(with insignificant versions elided)

Saved games are incompatible across major versions of the program.

3.0.0 (6/07/20)
Spent several months:
  • Converting the code base to the Kotlin programming language
  • Separating the more general portions out to an associated "engine" project
  • Applying some strategic Domain Driven Design to the code's organization
Other improvements:
  • Added a missing call to enable graphics acceleration
  • Added display of a circle to indicate the player's location when in darkness
2.0.1 (6/30/04)
Changed line-of-sight blocking and light-source effects to replace most sharp corners with diagonals.
2.0.0 (6/24/04)
The first new version of Silmar since 2001, featuring:
  • Pixel-based movement (vs. tile-based)
  • (Crude) dynamic light sources
  • A revamped user interface
  • Character levels divided amongst (and ordered within) different classes