Version History

Saved games should be compatible across all versions.

2.0.18  (6/26/05)
- Fixed a bug which prevented games from being saved in a folder other than that in which the game was installed.
          - Eliminated the flicker that occurs during the scrolling of the story text at the beginning of a new game.
          - Added the ability for the user to scroll the view by dragging the mouse using the right button (or, by dragging it with the shift key held down).

2.0.17  (2/21/05)
          - Fixed a bug where entries typed into the integer-requester dialog were being ignored.

2.0.16  (2/19/05)
          - Fixed a bug where many sounds would not play under the Java Runtime Environment version 1.5.
          - Fixed a bug where the blackening-out of tiles for line-of-sight purposes would occasionally get all jumbled up.

2.0.15  (11/28/04)
          - Greatly lessened the difficulty of the third level.
          - Changed the creation of backup files for saved games to re-use the same file names for all games.  The previous approach of saving backups for each game produced a lot of clutter in the game's folder, which tended to confuse users.

2.0.14  (9/30/04)
          - Added a hint provided by user Keith Harris to the beginning of the puzzling third level.

2.0.13  (9/26/04)
          - Provided a workaround for the Mac Java VM bug described in the version 2.0.12 notes above.
          - Fixed a bug where dropped, lit torches were not emitting light.

2.0.12  (9/15/04)
          - Made a (failed) first attempt to provide a workaround for a bug in the latest Mac Java VM that was preventing users from emulating mouse right-clicks in the items dialogs.
          - Added a means for the user to quickly check this website to see if a newer version of the game is available.

2.0.11  (8/19/04)
          - Fixed a few bugs that were occurring when special weapons vanquish foes.  
2.0.10  (8/11/04)
          - Made the topside priest's healing service provide more healing for the same price.
          - Made the avoidance checks required to the escape the bat's torch extinguishing, as well as the rat's disease infliction, much easier to pass.
          - Added some text in hints dialog about the use of two weapons at once.
          - Fixed a bug where the player was getting experience for defeating a troll using a damage form from which it was able to regenerate itself back to life.
          - Drastically reduced the damage inflicted by death fogs, to help preserve game balance.
          - Lowered the prices of all technological ammunition types by half or more.
          - Fixed a bug where large creatures were unduly suffering double and triple damage from lightning bolt attacks.

2.0.9  (8/03/04)
          - Greatly expanded the set of dungeon levels where technological items may be found. 

2.0.8  (7/30/04)
          - Fixed the Mac modal-dialog tooltips bug. 
          - Added a couple of hints about how to survive the first dungeon level.

2.0.7  (7/26/04)
          - Changed the "Game" button in the main window to a "Help" button, which immediately displays the game hints dialog.  This was done because many people did not seem to realize that the hints were even available.
2.0.6  (7/24/04)
          - Converted all 16-color GIF image files used by the game to be 256-color.  This fixes the big graphics display problem under Mac OS X caused by a bug in the Java VM for that platform (which has been confirmed by Apple and will be fixed in the next public release of their VM).
          - Added a hint about how to speed the search for secret doors.

2.0.5  (7/22/04)
          - Added a readout to the player stats display (in the main window) for how many experience points are needed to get to the next experience level.

2.0.4  (7/15/04)
          - Added some light around the ladders of unlit dungeon levels that lead to self-lit levels.  This will especially help new players when they enter the dark, beginning dungeon level.

2.0.3  (7/12/04)
          - Added new sounds for when the player gains a level.

2.0.2  (7/9/04)
- Gave better direction as to what the player should do when he cannot light his torch due to being in close combat.

2.0.1  (6/30/04)
- Changed line-of-sight blocking and lightsource effects to replace most sharp corners with diagonals.

2.0.0  (6/24/04)
- The first new version of Silmar since 2001, featuring:
- pixel-based movement (vs. tile-based)
- (crude) dynamic light sources
- a revamped user interface
- character levels divided amongst (and ordered within) different classes

Thanks go out to the following people for providing much-needed bug reports and valuable feedback:

Rollin Baker
Jackie Macapanpan
Steve Ward
Keith Harris
Eric Berdahl

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